Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

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Payment Arrangements

Extended Payment Arrangements

Any account holder who is unable to pay an outstanding balance when due may contact the Alderwood Water & Wastewater District’s (District) Billing Department during normal business hours to request a payment plan. Payment arrangements must be signed and in writing to be valid. District staff is not authorized to verbally extend due dates or make verbal payment arrangements.

In order to be eligible for the Extended Payment Program, the account holder must:

  1. Be delinquent in payment for water and sewer services and have received a past-due notice; and
  2. Have a satisfactory payment history with the District. A satisfactory payment history means that the customer has never failed to comply with all terms of prior extended payment agreement with the District and during the previous 18 months, the customer has not had more than two of any combination of the following: issuance of an Non- Sufficient Funds (NSF) check to the District or a similar returned credit item; the posting of a turn-off tag by the District on the service; or termination of the service; and
  3. Have an account classified as a metered single family residence; multi-family residence with individually metered units; or a commercial account.

Service Not Yet Shut-Off

For accounts subject to termination of services, an eligible account holder may be granted an extension of up to ninety days, provided that the customer agrees to make payment in full within thirty days of the most delinquent billing cycle.

Service Shut-Off

For accounts in which service has been terminated, an eligible account holder may within seven days of termination request and be granted an extension of up to but not exceeding thirty days to pay all outstanding balances and all other fees or other charges associated with the account; provided the account holder has made payment in full of the most delinquent billing cycle.

If an executed payment agreement fails or is revoked, the account holder’s water/sewer service is subject to termination immediately without further notice to the customer.