Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

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Water Leaks

Water is a limited resource and it is the responsibility of all water customers to maintain their pipes, fixtures and irrigation systems to minimize unintended loss of water. Nevertheless, on rare occasions, unexpected water use can occur through no fault of the customer. In the case of a water leak a ratepayer may be charged at the rate the District pays the City of Everett for wholesale water for the excess water consumption above the typical usage for that time of the year, for a period not to exceed four months prior to the repair of the leak.

To be eligible for an adjustment you must:

·  Have an undetectable loss of water due to a break or dysfunction of the water system from the District owned meter box to the facility served; and

·  Have the leak repaired in a reasonable time, typically 30 days or less; and

·  Provide evidence of the repair(s), typically a copy of an invoice or receipt itemizing costs; and

·  Have not had a previous leak credit in the last 24-month period; and

·  Apply for the adjustment within 30 days of the repair on the form provided by the District.

Please contact the Billing Department at 425-787-0220 if you have any questions regarding water leaks.